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July 11, 2018
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Hearing aidAre you having difficulty hearing? Are you experiencing hearing loss?

The reasons behind hearing loss vary and affect people of all ages. Your Pittsfield, MA, doctors can evaluate the type of hearing loss you're suffering from: sudden or gradual, in one ear or both, and if it's temporary or permanent. They'll also provide you with proper hearing aids.

How doctors evaluate a person's hearing?

  • Hearing Aid Evaluations: A time for questions and discussion of expectations.
  • Comprehensive Hearing Evaluations: Such as tinnitus evaluations
  • Hearing Aid Checks: These are usually scheduled every six months.
  • Hearing Aid Fittings: A time to orient to new hearing aid(s).

Pittsfield Hearing Aids

Hearing aids are designed to improve hearing. The goal is to create an overall better quality of life, especially when you're placed in a noisy place.

The hearing aids accomplish this amplification by making speech more intelligible, preserving nerve networks in the brain, and making communication less tiring.

There are a variety of hearing aids. Some more discreet than others, but you can choose whichever one is suitable for your lifestyle.

Here are a few:

  • Receiver-in-canal: a hearing aid speaker that sits inside the ear canal with an electric wire that reduces audio distortion.
  • Middle ear implant: a system implanted behind the eardrum There are multiple hearing aids.
  • In-the-canal: a hearing aid that fits either partially or fully into the ear canal to reduce visibility.
  • Behind-the-ear: a hearing aid that sits behind the ear.
  • In-the-ear: a hearing aid held that covers the outer portion of the ear.
  • Extended wear: a hearing aid placed worn for months inside the ear canal without being removed.

It's difficult to deal with hearing loss, but you don't have to be alone. The doctors at Pittsfield, MA, can help you deal with your hearing loss dilemmas and improve your way of life. To learn more about the different hearing aids, call (413) 443-6116.

January 26, 2016
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Find out if a hearing aid is the correct option to treat your hearing issues.

Not all hearing loss is the same. Some people may realize that it’s harder to hear those around them in crowded locations while others hearing aidmay feel completely out of touch with what others are saying altogether. If you are missing out on life because of hearing issues then it’s time to find out whether you should talk to your Pittsfield ENT doctor Dr. Giulio Cavalli about a hearing aid.

Answer these questions regarding the state of your hearing:

  • Do people seem to mumble or speak softer than they once did?
  • Do you have to ask people to repeat themselves often?
  • Do you have to turn up the volume on the radio or TV in order to hear it?
  • Do you find it difficult to understand people on the phone?
  • Do you feel like it takes a lot of effort to follow a conversation?
  • Is it hard to hear people in louder environments like at a party or restaurant?
  • Do you have to strain to hear people sometimes?
  • Do you feel like you are missing out on what others around you are saying?
  • Do you avoid social situations because you can’t hear others well?
  • Do you find yourself becoming irritable or withdrawn?

If you answered yes to the majority of these questions then it’s time you decided to get a hearing test from your ear, nose & throat doctor in Pittsfield. Through this fast and non-invasive test we can determine the extent of your hearing loss to help you decide which type of hearing aid is right for you. The sooner you opt for a hearing aid the easier and faster it will be to adjust to your new device.

What a Hearing Aid Can Do

The purpose of a hearing aid is to amplify sound so that you can hear better. By wearing your hearing aid, softer sounds will become audible and normal everyday conversation will become easier.

Hearing aids also improve a person’s ability to understand conversations that were otherwise not audible before this device. How much your hearing aid improves your ability to understand speech will depend on the severity of your hearing loss and how noisy your surroundings are.

Ready to enjoy understanding those around you better? If so, then the next step is to schedule an appointment at our ENT office in Pittsfield, MA. Let Giulio Cavalli Medical help you hear better for the long term.

By Giulio Cavalli Medical
September 22, 2015
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Hearing loss is a common condition that affects many people around the world, regardless of age, gender or lifestyle. While it can be frustrating to be hard of hearing, great strides have been taken in the technology behind hearing aids which has produced many Hearing Aids options for sufferers of hearing loss. With help from your Pittsfield ear, nose and throat specialist, Dr. Giulio I. Cavalli, you can choose the one that is most comfortable and beneficial to you to ensure that you get back to hearing clearly.

What style of hearing aid is right for me? 
Hearing aids come in all shapes and sizes. There are important details to each style that can help in choosing the right device for you.

  • CIC (Completely-in-Canal): These tiny hearing aids are designed to fit completely inside of the ear canal, making them the least visible style. Since it fits snugly inside of the canal, wearing this style decreases the chance to pick up noise from the wind. The CIC is suitable for mild to moderate hearing loss.
  • ITC (In-the-Canal): The ITC is molded especially for your ear and rests partially inside of the ear canal. This type of aid works best for mild to moderate hearing loss.
  • ITE (In-the-Ear): ITE hearing aids are made in two different styles. One fits into the inside, bowl-shaped area of your ear (called a full shell ITE), and one fits only in the lower part of the bowl-shape (called a half shell ITE). This aid is large enough to incorporate features such as volume control and is helpful in cases of moderate to severe hearing loss.
  • BTE (Behind-the-Ear): While the largest style of hearing aid, BTE’s are also the most powerful. These aids fit over the top of the ear and attach to a mold that fits into the ear via a tube. They may be more susceptible to wind noise due to their size, but are affecting in any type of hearing loss, from mild to severe.
  • RIC (Receiver-in-Canal)/RITE (Receiver-in-the-Ear): These aids are very similar to BTE’s, but are connected to the mold by a tiny wire rather than a tube.
  • Open Fit: Open fit hearing aids are specialized to keep the ear canal clear and open. This means sounds with lower frequencies can enter the ear, and higher frequency noises are amplified by the device. Additionally, since the ear is open and not plugged, the wearer’s own voice sounds “normal” and not muffled. These aids help sufferers with mild to moderate hearing loss most.

Dr. Giulio I. Cavalli, M.D., P.C. and the staff at Giulio Cavalli Medical in Pittsfield, MA can help you find the perfect hearing aid for your specific condition. Call (413) 443-6116 to schedule an appointment today!