Hearing Loss


Our Services....


  • Comprehensive Hearing Evaluations andTinnitus Evaluations

  • Hearing Aid Evaluations: a time for questions, a discussion of expectations. During this time a patient may decide to think over options or make a selection and place an order to start a one month trial of amplification.

  • Hearing Aid Fittings: a time to orient to new hearing aid(s) (putting it on, taking it off, changing the batteries, learning about any manual controls, etc), and a time to customize the hearing aid's output for particular needs.

  • Hearing Aid Checks: These are usually scheduled every six months to verify amplification is working at its maximum efficiency, and to perform in-house repairs or arrange to send the aids out for repair if needed.




Our Specialty...


  • We pride ourselves in working closely with all hearing aid manufacturer's to provide the appropriate hearing aid for your specific needs...
    • Rechargeable hearing aids
    • Iphone and Android compatible hearing aids
    • Automatic programming for ease of use
    • discreet hearing aids in both custom and BTE styles
    • Ability to remotely program hearing aids for our snow birds!
  • Along with your specific needs we provide multiple levels of technology that are meant to fit your lifestyle as well!
    • Premium Level Technology for patient's with an active lifestyle
    • Mid-Level Technology for patient's with a casual lifestyle
    • Entry Level Technology for patient's with a quiet lifestyle



Hearing Aids...

Hearing Aids are designed to improve hearing at frequencies where hearing loss is present as well as improve our listening environment, this is especially true for noisy situations.


The goal of amplification is to improve quality of life. The hearing aids accomplish this by:

  • making speech more intelligible

  • making communication less tiring, giving more energy to spend on memory tasks

  • preserving nerve networks in the brain that are responsible for auditory processing