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Signs That You May Need a Hearing Aid

Find out whether a hearing aid would make it easier to understand those around you.

While it should seem obvious whether you are dealing with hearing loss or not, for many it’s not that simple. Since it often comes about Hearing Aidgradually, it can be difficult to pinpoint whether you are having trouble with your hearing or not. Find out the common signs of hearing loss so that you know when to schedule a screening with our Pittsfield, MA, otolaryngologist, Dr. Giulio Cavalli.


You Have Trouble Understanding People on the Phone

Do you find that you have to turn the volume up to the highest setting in order to understand what others are saying to you on the phone? If you find yourself turning the volume up often or straining to hear the person on the other end, then you may be dealing with hearing loss.


The TV is Too Loud…for Others

You find yourself straining to understand what is being said on the TV while everyone else around you seems to understand perfectly. Do members of your family complain about the volume of the TV when you are watching? If so, then it might be time to see our Pittsfield, MA, ENT doctor for an evaluation.


You Strain to Hear Those Around You

Do you find yourself mentally exhausted by the end of the day because you’ve been working hard to follow conversations? If you find that conversing with colleagues, friends, and family has you feeling worn out and tired both physically and mentally then you could be dealing with hearing loss.


You’ve Given Up on Trying to Understand People in Loud Places

Do you find it nearly impossible to understand anyone when standing in a crowd or sitting in a loud restaurant? If you find yourself unable to follow a conversation or disengaging from the group while everyone else is actively engaged and talking, then hearing loss might be to blame. Luckily, a hearing aid can help improve certain sounds, making it easier to understand what people are saying even in noisier settings.


You Misunderstand What People Say

Besides saying “What?” a lot, you may also find that what you thought you heard wasn’t what you heard at all (yikes!). Misunderstanding what people say can be frustrating and—at times—downright embarrassing. This is a warning sign of high-frequency hearing loss, which can affect your ability to properly hear certain sounds and pitches.


Concerned? Give Us a Call!

If you suspect that you might have some degree of hearing loss, then it’s time to dial (413) 443-6116 to schedule a hearing screening at our Pittsfield office. Remember, the sooner you seek treatment for your hearing loss, the better! Let us help you become part of the conversation again.