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March 24, 2017
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Hearing issues can occur gradually and aren't always easy to recognize. Dr. Giulio Cavalli at Giulio Cavalli Medical in Pittsfield, MA, hearing aidsshares a few signs that may indicate that you have a hearing loss and explains how you can benefit from hearing aids.

How do I know if I have a problem?

In addition to a noticeable problem with your hearing, you may experience some of these more subtle signs of hearing loss, such as:

  • Missed Words: Do you only catch every other word when you're talking to someone or frequently have to ask them to repeat themselves? Although it's possible that the person mumbles or just doesn't speak loudly enough, if the problem occurs no matter who you speak to, a hearing problem may be to blame.
  • You Need Visual Clues: If it's hard to hear people if they aren't in the same room with you, you may be relying on visual clues to augment your hearing.
  • Telephone Conversations are Challenging: Difficulty hearing while using the telephone can also be a sign of a problem. If no one else has difficulty when they use your phone, you may have developed hearing loss.
  • Movies Aren't Enjoyable: Is it hard to hear the dialogue over the background music at movies? Going to a movie isn't much fun if you can't follow the action.
  • You Need to Turn Up the Volume: People who have hearing loss may not even realize that there's an issue until friends or family members complain of too-loud TVs and radios.

Is a hearing aid right for me?

Hearing aids don't just amplify sounds. They also help decrease background noise that can make it difficult to hear conversations or the dialogue in your favorite TV show. Thanks to improvements in hearing aid technology, aids don't have to be large or obtrusive. Analog and digital aids are available and can be worn in or over the ear, depending on the type. When you visit Dr. Cavalli's Pittsfield office, he and his staff will help you find the perfect hearing aid for your particular problem.

Don't let hearing problems keep you from enjoying life. Call your Pittsfield, MA, ENT, Dr. Cavalli at Giulio Cavalli Medical, at (413) 443-6116 to schedule an appointment.

January 26, 2016
Category: Hearing Aid
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Find out if a hearing aid is the correct option to treat your hearing issues.

Not all hearing loss is the same. Some people may realize that it’s harder to hear those around them in crowded locations while others hearing aidmay feel completely out of touch with what others are saying altogether. If you are missing out on life because of hearing issues then it’s time to find out whether you should talk to your Pittsfield ENT doctor Dr. Giulio Cavalli about a hearing aid.

Answer these questions regarding the state of your hearing:

  • Do people seem to mumble or speak softer than they once did?
  • Do you have to ask people to repeat themselves often?
  • Do you have to turn up the volume on the radio or TV in order to hear it?
  • Do you find it difficult to understand people on the phone?
  • Do you feel like it takes a lot of effort to follow a conversation?
  • Is it hard to hear people in louder environments like at a party or restaurant?
  • Do you have to strain to hear people sometimes?
  • Do you feel like you are missing out on what others around you are saying?
  • Do you avoid social situations because you can’t hear others well?
  • Do you find yourself becoming irritable or withdrawn?

If you answered yes to the majority of these questions then it’s time you decided to get a hearing test from your ear, nose & throat doctor in Pittsfield. Through this fast and non-invasive test we can determine the extent of your hearing loss to help you decide which type of hearing aid is right for you. The sooner you opt for a hearing aid the easier and faster it will be to adjust to your new device.

What a Hearing Aid Can Do

The purpose of a hearing aid is to amplify sound so that you can hear better. By wearing your hearing aid, softer sounds will become audible and normal everyday conversation will become easier.

Hearing aids also improve a person’s ability to understand conversations that were otherwise not audible before this device. How much your hearing aid improves your ability to understand speech will depend on the severity of your hearing loss and how noisy your surroundings are.

Ready to enjoy understanding those around you better? If so, then the next step is to schedule an appointment at our ENT office in Pittsfield, MA. Let Giulio Cavalli Medical help you hear better for the long term.