How Do Hearing Aids Work?

Hearing is one of our basic senses, helping us navigate situations, communicate with others, and experience the joys of music and movies. People have different levels of hearing, with some able to hear sounds clear as a bell and others struggling to make out words.

If you are finding hearing difficult, Dr. Giulio Cavalli at Giulio Cavalli Medical in Pittsfield, MA, can help you find hearing aids that work for your lifestyle.

How do hearing aids work?

Hearing aids come in many forms, but all work similarly, using small microphones to pick up sounds. A chip with an amplifier transforms the sound into a digital code, which adjusts the sound to meet your aural needs. The signals are converted into sound waves and enter your ears through the speakers in the hearing aids, so you can hear clearly and at an appropriate volume.

What kind of hearing aid is right for me?

At our office, we offer several types of hearing aids. Styles include a case that fits behind the ear and a case that goes over the outer portion of the ear. Both are effective, and while small and often flesh-colored, they are still visible. An in-the-canal hearing aid is more discreet, fitting inside the ear canal which helps conceal it.

Our Pittsfield, MA, office can also fit you with receiver-in-canal styles, which have a speaker that fits in your ear canal and uses an electrical wire to help you hear sounds more distinctly.

If you prefer not to have to remove your hearing aids regularly, an extended wear version offers the convenience of only needing removal every few months. For those who are unable to use a hearing aid, whether due to a narrow ear canal, ear deformity, or experience allergic reactions in the ear, middle ear implants may be an option. These devices consist of an implant surgically attached to the inner portion of the ear, and a receiver and processor, the latter of which is externally placed. Middle ear implants work by converting sounds into vibrations.

If your hearing could use improvement, call our Pittsfield, MA, office today at 413-443-6116 to make an appointment with Dr. Giulio Cavalli of Giulio Cavalli Medical.