Sinus Infection Symptoms and Treatment Options

Are you feeling intense pressure around the bridge of your nose? Headaches that persist? If these symptoms sound familiar, you may be dealing with a sinus infection. This condition affects over 29 million Americans according to the CDC and is common in school children with allergies. Dr. Giulio Cavalli, Otolaryngologist in Pittsfield, MA can diagnose the problem and help you or your child get relief. 

What Causes a Sinus Infection?
Your sinuses are a network of cavities in the head that help filter the air you breathe. A sinus infection, also called sinusitis, occurs when bad bacteria gets trapped in these cavities and causes inflammation. Sinusitis affects children because they are exposed to other kids at school who may have colds. Children who have allergic symptoms and asthma can also be prone to sinus problems. Adults who smoke or have other types of untreated infections can develop sinusitis.

Sinus Infection Symptoms
If you are experiencing two or more of the following symptoms, consult your Pittsfield ENT doctor to see if you might have a sinus infection:

  • Headaches or pressure in the head that makes it difficult to sleep or relax.
  • Pain between the eyes.
  • Trouble breathing in or out.
  • Congestion or blockage in the nasal passageways.
  • Reduced sense of smell.
  • Fever
  • Thick mucus or pus-like discharge from the nose or mouth.

Treatment Options
Sinus infections can be successfully treated with medication and monitoring. With treatment, an infection can be resolved in as little as a few days. A decongestant may be prescribed along with nasal sprays. Antibiotics will help get rid of the infection. Your doctor may suggest inhaling steam from a warm mist humidifier or boiling water to help clear up the problem. In extreme cases, sinus surgery may be required to relieve symptoms.

Get Treated ASAP
The earlier a sinus infection is treated, the faster you can get relief from the discomfort. Call (413) 443-6116 today to schedule an appointment with an ENT doctor at Giulio I. Cavalli, M.D., P.C. in Pittsfield MA.