Can An ENT Help My Hoarseness?

When you are suffering from hoarseness in Pittsfield, MA, you can count on Dr. Giulio Cavalli of Giulio Cavalli Medical to provide the ENT services that you may need.

What is hoarseness?

Hoarseness, also called dysphonia, is a change in the voice. It can be a change in pitch, volume, or overall quality. It may sound husky, raspy, or even weak. Speaking can make more effort,  and your throat may also feel sore. 

Causes of hoarseness

There are many potential causes of hoarseness. Most of them are quite simple and not too serious. 

  • Laryngitis- An acute infection like a cold in your throat that causes the vocal cords to swell. This can result in hoarseness or complete loss of your voice. 
  • Overuse- Who hasn't gone to an event where an enthusiastic response has led to hoarseness? Not many for sure. This is one way the voice can be overused. It can also be when you have been singing or speaking a lot. 
  • GERD- Gastroesophageal reflux is when stomach acid backs up and can irritate the vocal cords. 
  • Allergies-Allergies can cause irritation in the throat which may result in the raspy voice associated with hoarseness. 
  • Vocal cord lesions-If your vocal cords have suffered trauma, they may develop growths that can cause hoarseness to develop. 
  • Parkinson's Disease- Neurological diseases like Parkinson's or a stroke can cause hoarseness and definitely affect the voice. 
  • Smoking- There is no doubt that smoking can cause hoarseness and usually just quitting will resolve the issue.

Concerning symptoms

When should you go to the ENT for your hoarseness?  If any of these are true, it is time for a visit. 

  • Hoarseness lasting more than four weeks
  • Severe changes in your voice
  • Trouble breathing
  • Pain when you speak
  • If your voice is your job, you need it fixed

Treatment for hoarseness

The most obvious and simplest treatment for hoarseness in Pittsfield, MA is to just let your voice rest. For many reasons, this will correct the problem. Treating a cold or allergies can also help to make the hoarseness go away. Drinking lots of water, rest, and taking any necessary over-the-counter remedies can have you speaking in your normal voice in no time at all. With Parkinson's and other neurological causes, the voice can be exercised to try to get back a more normal volume. 

If you are suffering from hoarseness in Pittsfield, MA Dr. Cavalli of Giulio Cavalli Medical can offer you an ENT evaluation. You can call the office at (413) 443-6116.