Choosing the Right Hearing Aids for You

Whether you’re dealing with hearing loss as a natural part of aging or from another condition, it’s important to know what your options might be when it comes to hearing aids. There are many choices that fit your specific needs and it’s important that you have an understanding of what you might be looking for. Dr. Giulio Cavalli in Pittsfield, MA, can explain what your options for hearing aids could be and what could work best for your needs and your lifestyle.

Different Types of Hearing Aids

When it comes to choosing the best hearing aid for you, you have options. Our doctor in Pittsfield, MA, can explain your options for hearing aids so that you can pick what you like best. There are types of looks and functions and you even choose a hearing aid that is almost fully invisible.

There are different styles of hearing aids that you can choose from to pick what works best for you. Your options include:

  • Behind-the-ear: This is one of the most common styles of hearing aids and works for moderate to severe forms of hearing loss. All of the hearing elements sit in a small case that sits behind your ear and connects to a custom earmold that amplifies sound.
  • Receiver-in-canal: The speaker of this hearing aid sits inside the ear and is connected to the device through a wire. This is best for people with mild to moderate hearing loss.
  • In-the-ear: This sits in the ear canal and can even be color matched to your skin tone.
  • In-the-canal: This style sits partially in the outer ear and is custom molded to your ear. This can help those with mild to slightly severe hearing loss.
  • Completely in-canal: This style of hearing aid is almost completely invisible. It’s discreet and sits deep in the canal. This helps those with mild to moderate hearing loss.

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