Voice Disorders

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There are many potential causes of hoarseness which may include but are not limited to:

  • Acute/chronic laryngitis (from smoking and/or viral infection/vocal overuse)
  • Allergy and/or sinus issue
  • GERD/laryngopharyngeal reflux (acid reflux)
  • Benign growths (nodules/cysts/polyps)
  • Vocal Cord paralysis (caused by benign or potentially life threatening conditions), some potential causes include: tumor in the skullbase, neck or chest, injury to nerves prior to surgery or trauma
  • Laryngeal caner (risk factors are smoking and/or excessive alcohol consumption)
  • Certain medications that cause dryness


Evaluation of hoarseness includes a comprehensive head and neck exam with direct visualization of vocal cords with a flexible fiber optic scope. The procedure called Flexible Laryngoscopy is a minor office procedure and consists of passing the scope through the nose down into the upper part of the throat. This allows for direct visualization of the vocal cords and surrounding structures.

Video Stroboscopy allows for a more thorough examination of the vocal cords including vizualizing the vibration/motion of the cords.This exam is more sensative in diagnosing vocal cord abnormalities than conventional flexible laryngoscopy, as 20% of lesions can be missed with flexible laryngosopy. Exams can be followed over time to assess response to voice therapy or healing after vocal cord surgery.


The treatment of hoarseness depends on the cause and may include medication, speech therapy, and/or surgical intervention.